Your right to repair, unlock, modify, & remix is under attack.

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want Congress to fix the DMCA.

A few examples of the DMCA’s effects:

Between 2005 and 2007, over 562,000 computers were infected by a rootkit distributed on Sony-BMG CDs. Security researchers at Princeton University were unable to publish their results because of the DMCA’s restrictions.

In 2009, Texas Instruments threatened three bloggers with legal action after they posted about a hobbyists success in reverse-engineering aTI-83 Plus graphing calculator to run a different operating system.

Phone unlockers have repeatedly been sued under the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provision. An exemption for unlocking was removed by the Librarian of Congress last year, sparking a massive petition to the White House.

Wiley refused to publish a book written by security researcher Andrew Huang about security flaws in the XBox gaming system. Wiley feared that the book might be treated as an “anti-circumvention device” under the DMCA.

Just a few of the individuals supporting our efforts:

Jay Freeman (saurik)

Cydia Developer,
SaurikIT Founder

Alexis Ohanian

reddit founder and
startup investor

Jennifer Granick

Director of Civil Liberties
at Stanford CIS

Tim O'Reilly

O'Reilly Media

Ed Felten

Prof. of Computer Science
& Public Affairs, Princeton

Kyle Wiens

Founder, iFixit

Sina Khanifar

FixtheDMCA Founder

Cory Doctorow

Author, Blogger, and
editor of BoingBoing

Matt Cutts

Head of Google
Webspam Team

Brad Feld

Managing Director
Foundry Group

Organizations and companies in support: