The "Unlocking Technology Act" is in Congress now.

But it won't pass without overwhelming public support.

What the bill would do:

Make jailbreaking unlocking cell phones, game consoles and other electronics legal.

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Enable important work by security researchers.

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Empower documentary filmmakers, remix artists, teachers, librarians and archivists.

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Make it legal to repair cars, trucks and other electronics.

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It only takes a few minutes to help it pass.

Dial 877-500-1245 to call your representatives

Press * after each call to be connected to the next representative

Here are some suggestions on what to say:

Hello, my name is __________ from ____________.

I'm calling to tell Representative/Senator ____________ that I support H.R. 1892, The Unlocking Technology Act, and to ask if [he/she] will co-sponsor the bill.

If passed, this bill would enable innovators to develop new technologies that can help the deaf and visually impaired, help researchers find better ways of securing our data and improving cybersecurity, and allow people to repair their electronics, cars and tractors without worrying that they are breaking the law for tinkering with software.

I’d like to ask the Representative/Senator _________ to support this bill by being a co-sponsor. Again, the bill is HR 1892.

* Special thanks to Phone2Action for helping us set this up on short notice.

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want Congress to fix the DMCA.

Just a few of the individuals supporting our efforts:

Jay Freeman (saurik)

Cydia Developer,
SaurikIT Founder

Alexis Ohanian

reddit founder and
startup investor

Jennifer Granick

Director of Civil Liberties
at Stanford CIS

Tim O'Reilly

O'Reilly Media

Ed Felten

Prof. of Computer Science
& Public Affairs, Princeton

Kyle Wiens

Founder, iFixit

Sina Khanifar

FixtheDMCA Founder

Cory Doctorow

Author, Blogger, and
editor of BoingBoing

Matt Cutts

Head of Google
Webspam Team

Brad Feld

Managing Director
Foundry Group

Organizations and companies in support: